Empress Builders provides clients an all-encompassing service offering from project management and site supervision, preconstruction services, permitting, safety administration, subcontractor administrative support and submittal control, project scheduling, virtual design and construction modeling, seismic retrofits, procurement management, historical preservation, LEED construction, and quality management.


Our experienced team provides project evaluation for constructability, in-depth site logistics plans, permit review program, cost estimates and preliminary project scheduling.

Virtual Design & Construction

Using Building Information Modeling (BIM) allows for early recognition of conflicts through utilization of clash detection and resolution prior to field crew arrival on site. Increases field production and reduces project team risk, adding value by saving time and money. 

Project Management

Proactive project management is our key differentiating strength.  We are experts in creating and maintaining accurate budgets and schedules with a proven track record of delivering on time and within budget.

Procurement & Quality

Procurement and quality management are highly critical to all project aspects and require meticulous attention to detail and a plan to continue our track record of providing our client partners the best value in the market. Our Procurement and Quality Plan (P&QP) establishes our approach prior to day 1 on the project site, assuring clients their structure will be built on time and in the highest quality standards.


After a thorough review of on-site conditions and as-built drawings; our experienced team takes a methodical approach to all renovations. We keep tenants informed while arranging for site access and any logistical needs. Our knowledge covers a broad spectrum of systems including waterproofing, roofing, structural, mechanical, plumbing, solar, electrical and lighting, and interior finishes.

Seismic Retrofits

Our team has experience with external post-tensioning, base isolators, dampers, additional structural support and reinforcement, connections between existing structures, soft-story retrofitting, connection plate repairs, floor diaphragm repairs and column jacket retrofits. We work closely with clients, structural engineers, site inspectors and architects to ensure retrofits are assembled in accordance with project plans and specifications.